Life Coaching

Life is challenging. From overall health challenges, career obstacles,everyday stress, kids, money, family dynamics – it happens to everyone. Sometimes we need a little guidance on how to navigate through the rough patches. As a Life coach, I coach you on navigating through those hard times. I will help you discover your “true desires” in life and help you get on your road map to living the life you want and deserve.

Our sessions together are completely confidential and private!

Your first session is 100% complimentary. No obligations. No sales pitch. Just heart and listening.

I work with people from all over the world, so whether your in Europe, Asia or United States, I can be your Life Coach!

Sample Life Coaching Program curriculum:

  • 12—Private one on one sessions via in person or ZOOM video chat
  • Each session is 45 minutes to 60 minutes long in duration. Can vary from session into 90 minutes at times.
  • Each session has 6 parts: Celebration, Stepping back, letting go, taking empowered action, new action steps, appreciates and aha’s
  • Creating your new desired state – Create your MOFA- motivating factor for making change in your life.
  • Visualization and creating a new visual board for your dreams goals!
  • Clear the clutter in the mind for new information
  • Establishing your Identity. Past experiences shape us as adults. We will discuss Who Are you being? Who do you want to be? How do you get there.
  • Learn what foods are nourishing the mind/body/soul- look at your current lifestyle & diet
  • Breaking through limiting old beliefs that are not serving you. (This can take 2 sessions or more!)
  • Mirroring exercise. What are you telling yourself when you look at yourself and changing the reflection
  • EFT -Emotional Freedom technique aka Tapping. We rewire the brain when anxiety/nervousness/ or critter brain is starting to overtake us
  • Self Sabotage- Why we all do it. And how to recognize it and stop it in its tracks.
  • Learn how to Relax, Relaxing , breathing techniques to put yourself into a state of zen when you need it most
  • Nourishment- Wheels of life. Where do you need to nourish your life the most.
  • Unlocking your personal power! Where do you store your personal power. How is its holding you back or blocking you from living the life you want.
  • Life Inventory: Discovering the next level to where you want to be and Establishing a new normal.

*NOTE each program is catered to their individual needs. Results may vary per individuals commitment to the program.