I was inspired to start this journey after struggling many years of chronic pain, women issues, migraines, and overall immune system dysfunction. I ultimately got a diagnosis of Lyme Disease a few years back which has taken me to a new appreciation of life.

My name is Tavia and I’m a certified health and wellness coach. I am happy to be a cheerleader of people’s health and life. Being a health coach is the best job on earth, because I get to help those that are ready to make a change in their life. I am dedicated to each client and will spend hours walking you thru your goals and life aspirations or as much as you need me.

My message to you all is, Life is short and Life is Sweet! Sweet Life coaching is about getting YOUR life back to the sweetest most important place ever in life…. the road to happiness and health!

Tavia Morse

Are you ready to start making some big changes in your life?

Do you suffer from…




Stomach Issues

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Joint Pain







Chronic Fatigue

Reproductive Problems

Muscle Aches

ALL OF THESE can be helped! Ask me how!

Have you ever had a vision of your life and need some guidance to get there? I am inviting you to a free consultation with me that’s all about YOU!

Let me guide you to a better place, the sweet life!

As your health coach, I try to find out the real reason why you are not feeling optimally and then explore and identify key things that I can help you work on to get to feeling better! I dive deep into the ‘why’ under the ‘why’ as to what’s going on in your body. Health starts with lifestyle and habits. Sounds simple right? But if it were that simple, then why are so many people sick? I work with people all over the world.


Free 30 min discovery calls

Customized Monthly Packages

One on one private coaching

Group coaching

Live workshops

Phone, In person or Zoom conference sessions

life coaching for stress, career, relationships, create positive habits

Discounted Lab work requests/analysis

What My Clients Say!

Robert F.
15 reviews 0d ago

Informative visit with Tavia. I gained knowledge and came away happy. I recommend her.

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