Health Coaching

Are you struggling with any of these symptoms?

Anxiety/Depression – Chronic Fatigue-Fibromyalgia -Muscle aches- Joint aches & Pains – headaches/migraines – TMJ – Allergies – Skin rashes- Sinus issues- Stomach aches – Acid reflux- IBS – Chrohn’s- Female reproductive issues, Memory issues, Loss of energy, and overall feeling of being sick and tired!

It may be time to do a consult with me, your health coach! As a health coach, I try to find out the real reason why you are not feeling optimally and then explore and identify key things that I can help you work on to get to feeling better! I dive deep into the ‘why’ under the ‘why’ as to what’s going on in your body. Health starts with lifestyle and habits. Sounds simple right? But if it were that simple, then why are so many people sick? Let me guide you to a better place, the sweet life!

I offer a variety of services and packages that I customize per client’s needs and life situation. Click on the services I offer below for more information and I will send you pricing for your specific needs based on my assessment.

Discovery 30 Minute Session

During 30 minutes discover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from feeling fabulous! We will dig deep into your overall health and habits of your current lifestyle! This is a FREE session all about YOU! Click on ‘learn more’ button to get started.


Choose your plan that is right for you!
I offer short term 30-60-90 Day programs OR  Long Term Programs 4-6-12 month programs.

Sample of a Transformational Health/Life Coaching Package include:

  • Private one on one sessions via in person or ZOOM video face chat 45-60 mins in duration
  • Each session consists of: Celebrations, Stepping back, letting go, taking empowered action, new action steps, Appreciations and Aha’s
  • Creating your new desired state – Create your MOFA- motivating factor for making change in your life.
  • Visualization and creating a new visual board for your dreams goals!
  • Clear the clutter. We need to clear items away that are taking up energy and space that isn’t serving us anymore
  • Establishing your Identity. Past experiences shape us as adults. We will discuss Who Are you being? Who do you want to be? How do you get there.
  • Learn what foods are nourishing the mind/body/soul– Evaluate your current lifestyle & diet.
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Questionnaire and assessment
  • Review of current blood work/labs as recommended by coach
  • EFT -Emotional Freedom technique aka Tapping. Re-wiring the nervous system as needed
  • Self Sabotage- Why we all do it. And how to recognize it and stop it in its tracks.
  • Detox SELF Therapies—learn how to detox the organs and systems of the body naturally to start healing
  • Immune system Support– learn how to properly work on gut health to support the entire immune system.
  • Learn how to Relax Relaxing , breathing techniques to put yourself into a state of Zen when you need it most
  • Nourishment- Wheels of life. Where do you need to nourish your life the most. Unlock your personal power! Where do you store your personal power. How is its holding you back or blocking you from living a healthy life
  • Life Inventory: Discovering the next level to where you want to be and Establishing a new normal. Putting it all together and having a roadmap for you and ONLY your health needs.

Online Group programs will be available in August of this year!

If you’re ready to discuss and put together a program that is right for YOU click the link below to get in touch!

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