Gardening with the Kids!

Kids love to play in the dirt! Why not start healthy habits in building your own garden. It’s so fun and exciting to see the fruits of your labor grow!

Chloe(pictured above) helps her mother Cynthia grow their beautiful garden. She is learning at a young age what fresh fruits and vegetables from a garden is all about. Demonstrating healthy eating habits at a young age prove not only to be beneficial to the development of children, but it continues good eating habits throughout adulthood. Getting your child involved in planting your garden each spring and showing what it takes to grow something so beautiful from God’s own earth, is priceless!

There are many types of unique gardens you can grow as well. For some living in the big city, you have may not have a big area to grow things in. There are other options like fruit plants, and smaller herb gardens too that grow well in small spaces.

Whatever fun gardening you decide to do, include your kid and make it a fun activity together. Get a little dirty with your hands in the soils and plant those seeds. Take photos as your masterpiece starts to develop.

Life is full of color! Have fun!

For tips and questions on when you should plant your garden. Drop me a message and I will give you some simple garden tips!