About Me

My Personal Story

I love helping others! I hope my story of how and why I became a health coach will inspire you. I was led to this amazing job after battling Lyme Disease for over 10 years. Lyme is a chronic illness that can leave most people debilitated for years and can rob years of your life. I am a survivor and fighter! I feel that getting a chronic illness you have the choice to either fight or give up. I have never given up and if anything my faith and strength has led me to this incredible mission to serve others! In fact, I feel blessed that I got this disease.

Why? Because It has led me to serve God and help others. I feel that my own journey of my fight has given me the tools to share with others how to get well. I believe that timing is everything in what happens in our lives. I feel that I was chosen to give back to those that are also afflicted by a chronic illness -where all hope may be lost. I believe the body is a miraculous powerful machine. It has the ability to heal itself, when given the proper tools. Nutrition, Mindset, Movement, Faith are my foundations for my life and my fight to health. I believe that anyone can achieve optimal health when we step into our greatest versions of ourselves and fuel our bodies with love, nutrition and faith.

My Non-Profit

As an entrepreneur and visionary, I always wanted to give back to those less fortunate. When I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in October of 2015, It became clear to me what my mission was. First. Fight, this deadly disease! Second, pay it forward as soon I could and help others with their fight. I had a dream of starting a non profit and give mini grants to those that couldn’t afford treatment for Lyme disease. Lyme is complex and most treatments are not covered by insurance companies.

Fast forward to Spring of 2017 and Fighting Tigers was established. Fighting Tigers is a non profit 501C3 Organization registered in the State of Washington.

It is the goal to build Fighting Tigers and have on-going fundraisers supported by the communities. 100% of all money raised goes directly back to Lyme patients.

If you would like to learn more about Fighting Tigers, non profit or support this much needed cause, go to: www.FightingTiger.org

Learn How You Can Get Your Health Back!

Professional Experience

I am a graduate of Health Coach Institute, I have a ICF certificate (International Coaching Federation) for health coaching. Currently enrolled in the HMBA Mastery program to holistic health and TCM coaching. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and minor in Sociology. Additionally I have a Associates of Arts and Science degree in Business with Psychology background. My past 13 years has been working as Real Estate Broker, which I have loved and continue to work as in addition to my coaching.

My Mission

My mission is to love and serve all who are ready to become a better version of themselves. I will operate from an open heart and provide vital information that will assist others in making powerful life-changing habits that will stick. My mission is simple: Love all and make a difference!

My Promise

I promise to show up and love all! I promise to operate from an open heart that will be non-judgmental. I promise to be a leader and coach that will inspire, teach and respect your life. I promise to listen to each person emphatically. I promise to be the greatest version of myself to inspire your greater self! I promise your life will change with the assistance of me by your side.

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